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Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Calgary Sedation DentistryWhat happens when you hear the word “dentist”?

Does anxiety knot your stomach? Do you break out in a cold sweat?

Do you instinctively look for the nearest escape route?

FINALLY— say goodbye to your fear of the dentist – once and for all!

With sedation dentistry, your treatment is pain-free, comfortable, and relaxing!

Dr. Nowak and Associates are licensed and trained to provide you with safe, effective, and relaxing options in sedation dentistry. Whether you benefit most from minimal or deep sedation, rest assured you will be more relaxed and comfortable during your treatment or procedure. Plus, when you’re relaxed, our procedures are even more effective… so you can quickly and easily return to your day.

How does it work?

Our sedation dentistry calms your nervous system and allows you to fully relax during your dental appointment. We ensure your safety by first gathering and understanding your complete personal history and individual needs — so we can identify the level of sedation dentistry most beneficial to your particular needs.

If you:

• Feel anxiety regarding dental treatment, and have long-held fears about dentists/dentist offices
• Have associated “dentist” with pain… or other unpleasant feelings
• Struggle with gag reflex, TMJ or other physical conditions, making dental treatments uncomfortable or challenging
• Are facing difficult procedures that might otherwise require numerous appointments

Sedation dentistry just might be the answer!

Don’t let anxieties about dental treatment prohibit you from taking care of your oral health and well-being a moment longer!


Sounds great! But will I be tired afterward?

Actually, if you are commonly tense and anxious during a treatment, that anxiety alone will exhaust you for the rest of your day! By relaxing during the treatment you avoid discomfort and allow the doctor to efficiently perform your procedure.

Will I be sleeping during the treatment?

There are various levels of sedation dentistry available, from minimal to deep sedation. Minimal sedation is most fitting for those with low anxiety or for those receiving a regular cleaning. Moderate sedation allows you to relax mentally and physically, but still respond to verbal cues — an excellent option for those with serious fears of the dentist. Deep sedation is more suitable for those with extreme cases of anxiety, or those undergoing long, difficult procedures.

“As with all of our dental practices, we carefully consider your individual needs, personal history and current circumstances to ensure you receive the level of sedation dentistry most appropriate and beneficial for you.”

Call us today at (403) 269-2722 to find out more about how our sedation dentistry can make your dental treatment a pain-free and pleasant experience, or just fill out the online form on this page!