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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are molars that grow at the very back of your jaw,
and are also known as third molars. Most adults have four wisdom
teeth in total—two on the upper jaw, and two on the lower jaw.
These teeth typically emerge when children reach the age of physical
maturity, hence their name. However, because they grow in at very sharp
angles compared to other teeth, they can cause severe oral health issues
later in life and affect the teeth adjacent to them.

That’s why wisdom teeth are usually extracted. Our clinic has
a full sedation and surgery suite, allowing us to perform wisdom
tooth extractions on site. You will be sedated for the duration of
the procedure, if you so chose. A follow-up appointment will be
required for a post-operation evaluation.

Complete healing will occur anywhere between a few
weeks to a few months. You can expect after the first
two weeks your mouth will feel reasonable comfortable
as enough healing as taken place. Midtown Dental will
do their best to ensure that your experience is positive,
and that wisdom tooth extractions is nothing to worry

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